Mission MRD

About this project:

  • Mission: MRD is an educational mini-game created for Genentech. Players' main goal is to travel through the bloodstream destroying cancer cells to reach MRD-negativity.

My contribution:

  • Creating wireframes and user flows to map the game experience.
  • Designing a simple interface, game assets and backgrounds.
  • Developing the look & feel of the bloodstream and cells that strike a balance between playfulness and science

Visual design process:

  • Gathering design inspiration from many sources. For healthcare games, the designer should look at every level: the genetic level, the cell, the human body.
  • Refining your choices. If the imagery or graphics are too scientific and detailed for a health game, simplify the number of objects. Having more abstract, simple and organic shapes can make gameplay more engaging.
  • Creating depth and movement using different types of opacities and overlays.
  • Choosing a colour palette that will ensure enough contrast between interactive objects and backgrounds.